QTLabs GmbH


We are providing consulting in adapting your quantum service to the need of your valuable customer.

Space QKD

Satellite provide secret keys to ground customers on a global scale.

Fiber QKD

Fiber based quantum communication enables inter-city privacy.


QKDSat-Project off the ground

On Mach 29th, @ESA @Partner_InOrbit & @ArQit Quantum Key Distribution Satellite aka #QKDSat reaches another step with successful completion of System Consolidation Study. Quantic Encryption/satellite closer to become a reality [Link].

QTLabs contracted to develop first quantum encryption satellite

On 31st August 2018, the European Space Agency via its Directorate of Telecommunication and Integrated Applications signed a contract with UK based start-up Arqit Ltd, to develop the first European Quantum Key Distribution Satellite (QKDSat) [Link].

Austrian Newspaper

QTLabs being a spin-of from the Austrian Academy of Sciences is covered in an Austrian news article [Link].


Interview on Quantum Technology

In an Interview Rupert Ursin explain Quantum Technology and it's application in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) [Link].


Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

QTLabs being discussed in a panel discussion at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) 2018 topic: "digitization and globalization" [Link].


Austrian Press Agency

A comment on the new developments of quantum technology and what it all is about [Link].