Quantum secure communication

Engineering firm (Ingenieurbüro) for Quantum Technology.

We build a new infrastructure, which will be the next generation backbone of the world wide quantum internet. Building new infrastructure vaults Austria to be a world-leader contender in sending and receiving quantum information that relies on already installed telecom optical fibres and state-of-the-art quantum communication technology.

Quantum secure communication

Privacy ultimatley protected by the laws of phyics.

Reliable and robust compatibly with live optical glas fiber technology.

Incorporated in the data centers providing high-throughput quantum safe encryption.

Data handling by conventional hardware possible and added quantum security.

Consulting and prototyping is our mission...

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is our experties.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) will soon be the ultimate standard for (secure) communications.

The record-breaking secret key throughput is in reach using combined know-how an generation and detection of entangled photons at ultra-high rates and efficiencies.


  • We perform consulting activities in the optical telecommunication industry and beyond.
  • We analyze customers' use cases, provide technical solutions and timelines and roadmaps towards commercial integration in existing architectures.